Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Simplifying the Joysticks' Wiring

Our Parallel Pong game uses a couple of Zippy Joysticks, which have been connected via a breadboard. In order to free the joysticks from the bulky breadboard and ensure more secure wiring, we acquired a small Adafruit PermaProto board and a ribbon cable to transfer the functions of the Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins directly to the board.

PermaProto Board and ribbon cable

Upon connecting the ribbon cable to the Pi and soldering the pins onto the board, we transferred the wires corresponding to the GPIO pins directly onto the board. With our configuration, this came out to be as follows:

GPIO 4: Joystick 1 Up, GPIO 7: Joystick 1 Down, GPIO 21: Joystick 2 Up, GPIO 27: Joystick 2 Down
Each switch is powered with 3V.
(For financial efficiency and mobility's sake, we used network cables to wire the joysticks to the board.)

End product.

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