Friday, June 7, 2013

Cluster Rack Phase I

I'm getting excited--the design that started on the kitchen table is progressing!

This is a stack of 15 Raspberry Pis, to drive our tiled display wall (you know, the one we use for Pong). Unlike some other stacking solutions that use the mounting holes and couplers threaded at both ends (e.g., Joshua Kiepert’s at Boise State), we're trying threaded rod, with some small sleeves that I found at a local fastener shop. The M2.5 threaded rod was very hard to find; I may have acquired all that was left in the U.S.

Simple floating rack.

For the final design, we'll split the Pis up into 5 stacks of 3, to match the LCD panels in the wall, and the stacks will be mounted on a sheet of acrylic (take a look to the right). My hope is that this will make the connection between the computer doing the work, and what's shown on the display more tangible, especially when the computers are working in parallel. (Note to self: must coordinate with some blinkenlights on the Pis).

Most importantly, it will look a lot better than it does right now.

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