Monday, April 8, 2013

UCSD Triton Day 2013

This Saturday, we moved the Sandbox into SDSC's lobby for Triton Day, UCSD's open house for newly admitted students. We set up the OptIPortable that we've been using to try out building tiled displays with Raspberry Pis, since Erik's code (details in a later post) has reached the working demo stage. We thought it would be cool to let next year's students see what kind of things they can find on campus. Some of them had worked on some serious electronics projects in high school, including underwater autonomous vehicle and a NanoRacks experiment.

SDSC Sandbox students working with Raspberry Pis.
The SDSC Sandbox undergraduates (seated) working Raspberry Pis. From left: Amy, Alex, and Erik.

It was also a good chance for us to make progress on integrating different pieces, namely testing the joystick inputs (another thing you'll get to read about soon). By the end of the day, polling the micro switches was working and the breadboard was out of the picture.

 Raspberry Pi in an awesome custom case, and joystick testing.
The case is self-cleaning.

It was a great day to meet the new students and their parents, and for us to work together for a while. I'm hoping some of those new students are interested in SDSC and will come back to find out what they can get involved with.

Make it work, then make it pretty. Clearly, we're still making it work.

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